Utthan trust brings the hope of life to the poor people

There are many examples of poor people suffering from many painstaking causes around us. We, being at our own situation, cannot look upon them. If there were a social call from everyone to provide some aid for the betterment of needy people, the shape of the world around us would have been changed. Three Delhi University graduates Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Mohtasham Abdullah and Preeti Sing thought their mission of life to dedicate for the betterment of poor people. Instead of searching for jobs after pass outs they started working together for social causes. Beginning with this they have for an organization called Utthan Trust which is spreading out to different states of India with the motto of working for needy people. With the significance of their spontaneous social work, the organization has been enlisted as an NGO with Government of India.

Utthan Trust has sorted out many causes of poverty and suffering in poor people. They have designated some tasks as primary objectives to work on as it was well understood that they cannot eliminate the causes of poverty within a night from this huge number of people lying below the poverty line. People do not have proper places to stay; numerous homeless people are cursed to live on pavements. There are many who cannot arrange adequate food for a single meal every day. Also, numerous people are suffering from different diseases without knowing cause and treatment procedures for lack of health awareness. Even aware, they cannot afford for the treatment as there are many places having a far distance from health units. Also, there is no provision for critical care treatments at free for people who cannot arrange food for a day. They also run a vicious cycle of poverty due to lack of education. Firstly, there exists a little scope for the education; secondly, children coming from such existence drop out from school and goes for an unhealthy low-payment job to earn a few for the living.

Utthan Trust, within their certain limit as of now, is trying to do a lot of things in these prime sectors of poverty. They have many objectives planned to be implemented in future with the growth of the organization as more money, more social and administrative support and more infrastructure are required. Utthan Trust running a few permanent medical camps in remote areas of a few states where free doctor’s consultation, minimum therapeutic measures, medicines, supplements, health care products and health awareness advice are provided. These camps have minimized the distance between poor ill people in the remote area and health clinic. The trust is running a number of education camps providing free tuition aids and educational stationery to stop forced school dropouts. They are also running many relief programs including providing free food to the street living homeless people, penny less poor and child labors.

There are certain blocks in continuation of such work due to infrastructural scarcity. However, Utthan Trust is carrying on their duties with a mission of bringing smile to every face.



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