Social service to eliminate the curse of poverty in India

Poverty is a curse to the society, in a larger sense to the entire nation. It runs within a vicious cycle to make a result of own cause to be poor. In India, 276 million people, 22% of its population is lying under the poverty line that signifies with earning $1.25 or INR 100 per head per day. Along with that there is a huge pressure of ever increasing population and improper distribution of social assets, power and opportunity to a few smaller number people. However, if we consider the parameter of poverty line 80% of the poor people are living in rural areas. In urban areas, the scenario is a little better as the infrastructure and earning scopes are better in cities. In small villages, the 43% of people are people whereas in remote areas it is uncountable or would not come under the statistics. The social injustice also has caused the cast degradation which shows that 43% of poor Indians are belong to scheduled castes and tribes where they only cover 28% of the total population. The gradual increment in the number of non-organized sectors, especially in rural areas, is one of the main causes of typical low income scenarios. In rural areas, 95% of the total population has either negligibly small or marginal areas to live or homeless. Lack of education is also has been a prime parameter of cursed vicarious cycle of poverty. In remote and smaller villages, scope of education is too low or truly not available. In jungle, hilly areas, and desserts or in coastal lands, the tribal castes have no sense or feel no importance of school education. Even in small villages, there are a few school education scopes where students are bound to drop out at a very tender age to get a job to earn a little money to feed in hunger.

Considering the elimination of poverty, we who live above the poverty line and have been enriched with a few significance of a healthy life are acting as careless and irresponsible to certain things. We may have going through some limits to work for a social cause after feeding our own demands of life, however, at the end of the day, we do nothing but only blame Government and doubt upon the activities of charitable trusts. If we decide to do something for our men, it is not only a social call; it is a spiritual call comes from very within to provide some services to the society, to raise your hand to pull someone up. Now, it is the time when we are supposed to take the call from our very within to do some charitable aid to the society, especially to pull up the poor which will also confirm the socio-economic development of our nation. This is a task that you are not in for income but for the outcome!

If you want to join the various social programs to eliminate poverty please visit They are serving people within their limit but want to grow unlimited with you.


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