The Education – the best armor against poverty

In rural India, lack of education is one of the most important reasons for people are not getting a good job to earn adequate money and also living a lifestyle with the minimum standard. On the other hand, poverty is the reason why people are not getting educated. This is a vicious cycle that is circling on spontaneously.

Lack of education is not only keeping them out of good jobs but also leading a life without social, behavioral and health awareness. Simply they are not aware of their rights and becoming the result of social injustice everywhere. Also, scarcity of jobs with handful payout and social security leading them to be a terminal, excess and forced labor to unorganized sectors where this uneducated and unskilled workforce is becoming a liability to the economy.

On a vice versa, poverty resists children to go to school and continue with education. Once a child is getting a little elder he or she is set to work for a few amount of money or at least for a meal at the workplace to eliminate hunger. His or her poor family cannot afford the minimum cost of education which stands as an extra payout from their little daily income.

If we really would like to destroy this circumference we have to plan to work in 2 ways:

  1. Confirmation of enrolment of every child to the free schools for primary education at least.
  2. Let the school be the very best place where they can enjoy, learn with fun. The education system should not be a burden upon them.
  3. Arranging attractive incentives, awards and especially mid-day meal project like Government authorities or provide educational stationeries.
  4. Arranging Health checkup and arranging minimum nutritious foods to children at school
  5. Creating social awareness and counseling for spreading education
  6. Bringing up more schools to remote areas to shorten the distance between student and the classroom.
  7. If the Government cannot afford to do all these things everywhere, which is almost impossible, NGOs should have to come up with the help of common people of the society.

On the other hand,

  1. Adult education and job oriented education programs could be implemented with the support of scope of work so that excess labor from unorganized sector could be diverted to other income generating sectors.
  2. Adults of the family should have to be counseled well regarding the limitless advantage of education how it could be the best weapon to fight against poverty.

Utthan Trust, as a Government registered NGO in India trying to accomplish these activities as their duties in different states of India. Utthan has taken many of the aforesaid projects as its current activities in short run and planning to launch others shortly in long run. It is their mission to bring a smile to every face by eliminating poverty with the light of education.


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