Utthan is trying to build a healthy generation for the future without hunger

In India, 15% of its population is considered to be undernourished causing a serious hunger problem. It is ranked 97th amongst 118 developing countries, surveyed for Global Hunger Index (GHI) in 2016 considering population growth, food production, mortality rate, child wasting and stunting rate. This scenario clearly states that India is not in a good position to feed her people adequately. If this condition continues to be moving this way, India, as the third largest economy in Asia will face a lot of problem on its socio-economical growth.

This involves the following conditions:

  1. People do not have enough money in hand to buy adequate food for the scarcity of job, thus low per capita income in small villages and remote areas.
  2. More than 50% of children are suffering from acute malnutrition and more than 40% are stunting, the symptom that prevents the natural growth of the body which signifies a lot of attack of disease, high child mortality rate and even survives, it leads a weak and less energetic workforce for the future economy.
  3. A lot of poor children dropped out from school are engaged in child labor for a minimum wage which does not suffice to their hunger.
  4. Population increasing rate is high in remote and underdeveloped societies where the number of heads causes a shortage of food as purchased with the minimum wage.
  5. As a whole, it is involving and leading to a generation suffering from malnutrition which might become a liability for the economic growth rather than being an instrument for it.

The government Authorities, both in central and state level are bringing up many projects for ensuring jobs with minimum wages, increasing awareness and supplying foods at a lower cost. However, with respect to the huge population, these are not reaching everyone needed. As per P. K. Joshi, Director, IFPRI, South-East Asia, “India is progressing well, but we have significant challenges ahead”.

NGOs and Social Charitable Trusts are also trying their best within the limit. We invite every Indian to be part of this war against hunger. Utthan Trust, a Government recognized NGO is working in this particular area for years in different states. They are supplying free foods to the poor remote people, street-people in urban areas and poor children working as child labor. They are also initiating free treatments to the children suffering from diseases due to malnutrition. We suggest you visit and work with them to eliminate hunger for at least one strive for a day.

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