Join Utthan Trust to end hunger in India


India is the home of the largest undernourished population of the world. A lot of people among its huge population are suffering from malnutrition due to lack of food. The estimated amounts of food crops that are harvested and imported do not reach the market or free supply programs due to insufficient supply management, at harvest and post harvesting handling, and preservation process. It has been observed that 40% of the fruits and vegetables and 30% of the cereals are lost for such inefficient system. The corruption in market system and presence of third party agents also cause the unnatural hike of food products and inadequate supply.

Due to this inadequate supply, price hike and poverty of lack of monetary support people cannot buy adequate food to eliminate their hunger. The scenario worsens to smaller and remote village areas where people cannot afford to arrange a single complete meal for a day. Nutritious food is a far away dream; poor people do not have the conception either. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2017 reports there are 190.7 million people are undernourished in India. More than 50% of women in reproductive age are found to be anemic. More than 40% children under the age of five are too short for their age and about 30% are underweight. This child malnutrition cause higher death rates and many epidemics with diarrhea, pneumonia, jaundice, malaria and other physical and neural deformities. As considered 30% neo-natal death rate, 24% under five death rates, 3000 child death everyday due to malnutrition and every 1 child in 4 is malnourished, the Global Hunger Index placed India in 97th rank among 118 countries.

Utthan Trust is a Government recognized NGO in India who are working with a objective of hunger elimination. They are trying free food camps in places to provide food to the children, child labors, street living and remote area poor people. They are trying to arrange more camps with more nutritious foods in different regions of different states. All they need more support from us. If we could assist them arranging such food camps by means of monetary, infrastructural or manpower support they could feed more people. Donations, if you want to make any, are completely exempted with 80G clause of IT. A little effort from all of us to Utthan Trust can make more suffering faces smiling out of their hunger pain.


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